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How To Join

This DataBase is designed primarily for the use of clinical researchers and others with an interest in Rett syndrome. Data is entered only by clinical research teams from each participating country. To protect the confidentiality of patients and families, we need to restrict access to those who agree to comply with our rules for data handling.

If you are a physician or clinical researcher involved in Rett syndrome and if you would be interested to join us in this project on the Rett database network, then please fill in and sign the password request form and send it to the administrator of the database network. Physicians and clinical researchers engaged in work on Rett syndrome will receive a username and password, which will allow them to insert the information about their patients. Each centre will be listed under its country’s flag.

Download the Password request Rett database network.doc (571 KB)

If you are the parent of a Rett syndrome patient and you want to join us in this database project, then please contact one of the participating centres in your country.

Other researchers - those not engaged in specific work on Rett syndrome - and the representatives of Rett Syndrome support groups will be able to access information about patients and families but with the identifying information removed. In that case, please fill in and sign the password request form and send it to the coordinator of the database network.

Download the Password request Scientific Data retrieval.doc (29 KB)

Database administrator:
Rossano Di Bartolomeo
3W Net Service S.a.s.
email: rossano@3wnet.net

Database coordinator:
Alessandra Renieri
University of Siena
email: renieri@unisi.it

Database Europe Manager:
Laurent Villard
University of Marseille
email: Laurent.VILLARD@univmed.fr

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